Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Weird bugs

Good day to ya! Here's one of New Mexico's lovely creatures. Some type of prehistoric beetle. It's dead so it was easy to get a photo of him. So many very strange bugs here....I like to think of them as radioactive bugs....they're large and usually scary looking. Wind scorpions freak me out. Child of the Earth....giant wasps....I'm waiting for Jenny foo foo to come over.....wondering where she is??? I'll call again and see what's up. Tuesdays are my long days. I get to work earlier than normal......Bug is grumpy with me because I woke her up early to do school work.
She's a lazy bum sometimes.....it's hard having a teenager....they are just naturally tired and grumpy.....ah someday the next stage will begin....they are all much fun to observe. Girls are funny creatures. They all go through the same stages....some more ackwardly than others....but basically on a root level, we're all hardwired the same.
I was never a girly girl growing up....I can remember getting into a huge fight with my mom over wearing a dress to a wedding...and in the picture I have, you can see the misery on my face :) Good times!
Well, I outgrew the tomboy thing as a teenager...and I was one who went through a stages in life a little less graceful than most. After having my own daughter....the biggest girly girl there is....and working at a dance studio....I like dresses and tutus, little girls all dressed up, ballerinas and all the girly girl stuff. It's fun and pretty and pink and fluffy and I wouldn't change it for the world! Well...I'm done rambling for now....have a wonderful Tuesday....where ever you are!
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