Monday, September 29, 2008

The Weekend

I had a great time this past's just really beautiful in the desert in Arizona...It is however....kind of hot....I really don't think I would enjoy it in the summer months...I really don't like air conditioning and I'd hate to have to live in it constantly. Anyways and onward....Edgefest was a freakin' blast....besides the whole ticket issue...the bands rocked! We got to see Authority Zero, Pennywise, Flobots, NOFX, Kottonmouth Kings and Atmosphere. It was awesome!!!
And now it is Monday....I'm sooooo tired!!!!!!! I'm ready for a nap already. I was sleeping still, but my Mum woke me up to see if her avon came in.....LOL...was not home this weekend...I don't really know if it did....I will call her when I get to work....well here's to having a good one....where ever you are!
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