Sunday, September 7, 2008

Silvery moon

I took this pic tonight on my way back to the house after a walk.

I love New Mexico, most nights are so clear you can see the milky way. But really you haven't seen anything until you sleep under the stars in the's heaven I tell you. That is my all time favorite thing to do....I wanted to go this weekend, but that did not happen. I am going to get up early and find something interesting to photograph....maybe the ruins....
I've been trying to "capture" this huge family of quail on film, but they are elusive little bastards! They can hear so very good and in an instant they are gone! I have two pics, but they are not that great. I will succeed one of these days damnit!

Ok, I suppose if I'm going to get up early I should go to sleep....ta ta & dreams of a silvery moon to you where ever you are....
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