Saturday, September 20, 2008

Saturday Night Already

I can't believe it's Saturday night already. This week has gone by awfully fast....I've been working since I got home. Always something to do. I made a kid's scarf and now I'm working on a red wrap/scarf and carpal tunnel at the same time....I put two things on Etsy....check em out, they're cool....the grey scarf rocks....Bug wants it...I will have to make her a new scarf.
Today was long but now it seems like it went by really fast. I'm so excited! I sold two photos today!!!! Yay! Oh....well...a little excited. I always like when people like my stuff enough to buy it. I didn't take a walk today.....lazy lazy lazy....I will have to arise early and venture forth. Tomorrow is my Mumma's birthday!!!! We won't say how old she will be, cause she'd get mad :)
Well...ta ta for now....have a groovy night where ever you may be....
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