Monday, September 15, 2008

Quail and other things

Well, here is one of the little guys...this one was keeping watch over the others on the ground eating. They even heard me talking and didn't fly away....Yay!!!! They're funny little birds, they just wander around eating. My neighbor feeds them as well. We like having the wildlife in our yards it's very cool to look out the window and see something wild....last winter I had a coyote...the night of the lunar eclipse....walked right under my window and kept going...oooh also a giant buck like ten feet from my house...He scared took my eyes a few seconds to adjust to the dark but in the meantime all I saw was something giant in front of me.
Good times eh? Yesssssssssssssssssssssssssss.
Anyways...let's see....I gave up hot showers for the summer to lessen my global footprint....but shower here I come baby!!!! Woooooooooooot! I'm so freakin' excited!!!! I'm gonna watch bones first....I missed it last I'm watching it online in between typing here and checking my emails...I love to multi-task....why do one thing when you can do three?
Ok, I'm going to settle my hyper ass down's hard for me to relax sometimes. It takes conscious effort on my part to really get to and maintain a state of calm. I've just got a ton of energy naturally and it doesn't go away ever really. Weird. Oh well. Time to relax....have a groovy evening where ever you may be tonight :)

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