Tuesday, September 9, 2008


Rainstorm near Gasbuggy, NM
Well now kiddies....I haven't really talked politics lately. My best political sparring partner moved back to PA a few years back....I miss talking politics with Richie :D
Let's see, I'm a registered Republican but I have a lot of Independent thoughts and I've been registered Independent. I do believe I'll vote for McCain & Palin. A. because John McCain has military experience and I do believe that the leader of our country and our Commander In Chief should have military experience. and B. McCain has been serving our country his entire adult life....and has given much more than most presidential candidates. I truly believe he has our best interests at heart. I'm a firm believer in not giving my money away to welfare bums. (don't get me wrong, I know that people need help every now and again....I've been there. But to live off of everyone else is pure laziness and there are millions and millions of people who live this way. Just about every person in this world can contribute to society in one way or another. If you truly can't I'll be the first in line to help you out. But if you're just freeloading kiss my ass. I'd rather my taxes go to something more useful like taking over your job as a parent in schools and teaching your children how to be productive individuals when they leave your lazy ass home :D ).
I'm kind of pissy about Palin, truth be told, don't get me wrong I love her! She's a very strong, thoughtful, smart woman and I think she's qualified and can handle the job. But, I think it was just another publicity stunt to stir up controversy and to make this election as exciting as possible...it all just seems too planned and drawn out like a giant soap opera.
I'm tired of all the bullshit. Lay your plans out on the line and stop with all the theatrics, and hey let's make em' all take lie detector tests. That would truly help everyone's decisions I think. Ok, well, I'm done for now :D Have a peaceful evening.
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