Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Good Morning and good day! Oooh, I'm excited! I'm going to Edge Fest with Mark, Diana & Josh next weekend! It should be great fun. I will take the camera with me this time. I'm looking forward to it :D
I've been trying to keep up on my work, but it's been difficult :D I've been really, really busy. I need to go over some stuff today and make sure it's correct. Oy! It should be an ok day I'm thinking. I used to love Wednesdays because I didn't have to go back out to pick the bug up. Now she dances till 9 on Wednesdays as Wednesdays are just
Well, I need to go to hobby lobby, I need boxes for my Etsy cards. I'd better get a move on the day never waits....
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