Friday, September 5, 2008

Friday Night Live

Well, today was semi-productive. I went on a walk with Mark to show him the yellow jacket nest on the other side of the fence. He got scared and so we walked back to try and find the quail....they are sneaky little birds. Naia and I disturbed them when we went over a little while later. Then she fell down the hill by this tree. Dork.
I ran some errands and dehydrated some veggies. That's my newest thing. I am making dehydrated meals for camping. They are quite tasty. First time around would be better, however, they're very light to carry with you and easy to make. Oooh and I'm making blueberry granola cereal right now. That ought to be tasty! woot!!!
I'm going to get up early tomorrow and go to the veggie market before work. I want to get some fresh stuff before I HAVE to buy it in the store. I got a bunch of green chile yesterday and roasted it on my grill. It turned out pretty tasty. I love green chile :D
Ok well, I need to get ready for bed. Early day tomorrow :(
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