Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Howdy and good evening! I'm bored although I did get to talk with Miss Amanda tonight, which was nice. I haven't talked with her in a while and I miss her being around!!!
I'm in a weird mood tonight just feeling kind of lonely or just weird, I'm not really sure. I am a freak :D Most people who really know me think I'm weird...and it used to hurt my feelings until I realized that they were still my they must be weird too.....LMAO! I like being a freak...well I like being different from others...I strive to not be like other people...which may or may not always be for the best....but it's who I am and I enjoy every second of me :D Conformity is dull and lifeless eh?
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Mommy2SerenityL said...

You know.. I think you sent your sickness here! Serenity and Heath are sick AGAIN. It's nuts.. and I can't stand it!

earth and sun folk said...

why do you think of freak as a derogatory word? cool pic my beautiful sis...let your freak flag fly!