Thursday, September 25, 2008

Devil flower

I have to pack....I have nothing ready for this weekend. I'm doing laundry like a madwoman....Ahhh!!!! I need to finish my last scarf I started. I think I'll take it to work with me....maybe I will have a free moment....Thursdays are mellow and calm for the most part with mostly older kids coming in to dance.
Breathe........I am so freakin excited about this weekend! Edge Fest is going to be a blast! I wish I could find my other camera battery....but alas...I think our last hike claimed it.
I hate having to yell to get things done....Bug is slacking and it's pissing me off....grrrrrrr.
Well, I'm going to go supervise and take care of business......
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earth and sun folk said...

hope you have a blast!!! when are you leaving? i need to give you some business cards to take with you :)