Monday, September 29, 2008

Beautiful Desert

Good evening....Here's a lovely photo of the desert outside of was a nice mellow Monday. I got a bunch done at work. We have a new lady who works when I can't and she just rocks!!! She did such a good job! I'm all happy.
I need to get a move on with the knitting...I was gone all weekend and I was just lazy about it today...slacking....tsk tsk tsk....well, the day is done and I am tired. I need to get ready for bed.
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Mommy2SerenityL said...

I love your photos!! We are gonna buy some when we get the house to hang up!!

I love the crib and stuff.. but it is kind of being overshadowed today by all the stuff we have left to get. I made my final list of things we need .. its little stuff.. but it adds up. Blah!!